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If you’re wondering whether you should visit Rome in Spring, the answer is definitely yes! I mean, spring all over Europe is gorgeous as it is, with flowers blooming and the weather finally warming up. What’s not to like right? Other than that, Rome during the months from March to May is a lot more charming with fewer crowds, warmer temperatures, spring festivals and the perfect food to go with it. Are you booking your tickets yet? If yes, read on. If not, read on and I hope i’ll convince you by the end of the post.

Warm Spring Weather in Rome 

A sunny day in Rome

During spring, the weather in Rome is pleasant and nice. The cold and wet weather makes way for brighter, warmer and dryer days making it ideal for sightseeing around the city. The highest temperature during these months is roughly around 20 degrees during the day and the lowest goes to about 8 degrees making perfect and pleasant weather for exploring and adventure. And while it does rain in these months, you can expect between 5 to 8 days of rain in the month. So make sure to pack a small umbrella in your backpack while leaving for the day as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get caught in an unexpected downpour. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is to dress is layers during your spring visit to Rome. This will help as you can strip as it gets hotter during the day when the sun is out and layer up again when the temperatures drop by evening. 

Colorful Blooms to Celebrate Spring in Rome

Typical Italian streets decorated with seasonal blooms to celebrate Spring

Spring time in Rome is absolutely stunning with all of nature blossoming up and looking at it’s finest. You can see these beautiful flowers adding to the charm of the eternal city in certain spots around the city center making for the perfect photo-ops in the city. I highly recommend visiting some of them and admiring the beauty of nature the season brings. Here’s where you can head to see them:

Head to Via Margutta to check out the Hanging wisteria

The large bunch of purple colored flowers hanging from vines can be spotted at various spots in the city center adding an unmatched rustic charm to the eternal city. But the best place to see them is Via Margutta which is near the Spanish Steps

Make sure you check out the beautiful Azalea flowers at the Spanish Steps

While you’re in the area, make sure to take some time to admire the gorgeous pink and read Azalea flowers blooming on the sides of the famous Spanish Steps in the heart of Rome. These potted plants are placed on either side of the steps by the end of April or the beginning of May, depending on when the flowers bloom to mark the beginning of Spring in the city. 

Go see the Orange trees at the Giardino degli Aranci flowering up and blossoming on the onset of Spring

Giardino degli Aranci commonly known as the Orange Gardens are located on the Aventine Hill and are an absolute must if you’re visiting the eternal city during the spring months as it looks additionally charming with the orange trees in the park blossoming. In addition to the pretty garden views, you can also look over the city from the view point in the garden which is highly visited all year round by locals and tourists alike.
The rose garden is another secret spot on the Aventine hill to check out some rare types of roses

Not many know of this Rose Garden on the Aventine, but if you’re a fan pf Roses, you should definitely head here to admire the 1,100 varieties of Roses that bloom in the garden between late April until mid June. The different colors and fragrances make the garden one of the most beautiful and Romantic spots in all of Rome.

Watch the beautiful Cherry blossoms bloom at Eur 

Marking the beginning of Spring, you can find these beautiful Japanese Cherry trees along the artificial lake in EUR blossoming just for a short period between mid March till the first week of April. These Cherry Blossoms are a tribute to the Japanese tradition of Hanami which is the festival dedicated to the arrival of spring.

Seasonal Spring Food in Rome

Foodies visiting Rome will find some of the best food in the city making it an outstanding experience. In spring, there are even more local specialities to discover in the eternal city. It is the perfect time to try some of the artichoke dishes that are loved by Romans. Make sure you try the Carciofi alla Romana which means Roman Artichokes which is a dish cooked in olive oil, green herbs and garlic. This is available in almost any local Roman restaurant in the city.

If you would like to try a very unusual dish with artichokes, head to the Jewish Quarter where you can try the Carciofi alla Giudia which is a crispy golden fried while artichoke. While the outer leaves are crispy, the portion inside is soft and tender. 

In addition, warmer temperatures also mean that it’s time to get some of the famous italian gelato that can be found everywhere in the city. My personal favorite gelaterias are La Romana and Cremilla

Easter in Rome

If you happen to be visiting Rome for Easter, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. You can join with the Easter festivities in the city and go get blessed by the pope. If you plan and get your tickets in advance, you can even get the chance to attend the Easter mass at St. Peters led by the pope himself. Here is more information on how you can obtain the tickets for the mass. Keep in mind, these tickets are free, but are needed so that the number of people inside the basilica can be controlled. 

If the tickets are sold out, don’t be worried. You can always see the pope on Easter day at St. Peters Sqaure at 12:00 noon when he gets out to bless the crowds. This is called the Urbi et Orbi and requires no tickets. But I imagine it to be very crowded, so make sure to get there earlier to secure yourself a good spot. 

Day-trips from the Eternal City

View of the lake from Castle Gandolfo, Lazio, Italy

Warmer weather and longer days that mark the beginning of Spring also make it the perfect weather to take a day trip to the near by lakes and small towns in the countryside of Rome. If you’re looking to explore a region with good food and wine, make sure you check out the small towns in the Castelli Romani regionPonza makes for a perfect island day trip from Rome while if you’re looking to picnic by a lake, Castel Gandolfo and Lake Nemi are also great options that can be easily reached from Rome by a quick bus or train. For towns with more history and character, check out Calcata, the abandoned city which is also easily reached by a quick bus from the city. All these places too would be extra charming to visit in Spring with flowers blooming and nature looking at it’s best. For a more detailed guide on day trips from Rome, check out my blog post for the same. 

Picnics in Rome

Perfect picnic spot at Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy

If you don’t have enough time for a day trip from the eternal city, a picnic in one of the beautiful gardens should make for the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Spring and to enjoy the warmer and longer days of the season. For a perfect picnic day to see the blooms and views of Rome, head to the Orange garden on the Aventine Hill. The tiny garden is filled with orange trees and spring is the time to see them all flower up. From the tiny balcony there, you also get to see the view of Rome from the top. Other gardens that make for the perfect picnic spot in the city include Villa BorgheseVilla Doria Pamphili and the Park of Aqueducts which contains ruins of the Ancient Roman Aqueducts. 

Benefits of Low Tourist Season

View of Rome from the Aventine Hill

The summer and autumn months in Rome can be super busy and as it is high season for tourism in Italy and the city is usually packed with tourists at every corner. Even walking around can take longer thanks to all the people strolling about the city making it impossible to enjoy the monuments and beautiful sites the eternal city has to offer. All the chaos can also take away from your experiences in the city and if you would like to get good pictures with all the monuments, be prepared to have a lot of people photo-bombing the frame. But if you’re visiting in Spring, especially during the week, you will find just a handful of people around and you will be able to enjoy the monuments and historical sites in peace and without being rushed. 

The other plus point if you’re visiting during this period, entry into the monuments and archaeological parks is usually faster as there aren’t a lot of people around. This also means that you could find great deals on hotels and cheaper rates on the tours you may want to join to explore the city.

And the best part of all? Days are getting longer so you’ll have daylight for longer to enjoy the charm of the eternal city as compared to autumn and winter months in the city. 

For more details on Spring in Rome, check out my Instagram (@merrylstravelandtricks) as during the Spring months in Rome as I will be covering more seasonal special things to do in the city on my stories this year. 

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