58 Free Things to do in Rome

Planning to visit Rome soon and looking for free things to do in Rome to help you stay on budget? Here is a list of 58 free things to do in Rome to choose from for your upcoming trip to the eternal city.

  1. Visit the Museums and Monuments in the city for free on every first Sunday of the month
  2. Go admire the beauty of the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin in to ensure a second visit to Rome. Make sure to face your back to the fountain the throw the coin over your left shoulder into the fountain
  3. Visit one of the coolest architectural wonders of the ancient times, the Pantheon and stare in awe at the grand structure. Did you know it has the largest unenforced concrete dome in the world? 
  4. Climb to the top of the iconic Spanish Steps and watch the hustle bustle of the city
  5. Head to the famous Borghese Gardens and feed the ducks at the lake. You could also choose to go boating for just 3 euro per person
  6. Walk up to the Pincio Terrace and enjoy stunning views of Rome. Also makes for a perfect spot to watch sunset over the city
  7. Take a walk by the Fori Imperiali Road and gaze at the ruins of the ancient city center of Rome
  8. Climb up to the first floor of Piazza Venezia and watch the city from above
  9. Sign up for a free walking tour of the city 
  10. Visit the skull of St. Valentine at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin
  11. Pay a visit to the original manger of Jesus at one of the oldest and most important church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome
  12. Admire the fountains and statues at Piazza Navona in the heart of Rome
  13. Take a walk in the Jewish Quarter in the city
  14. Walk through the remains of the beautiful Marcello Theater
  15. Stick your hand in the Mouth of Truth ( La Bocca della Verità) at the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin 
  16. Visit the Vatican Museums for free on the last Sunday of every month
  17. Get blessed by the Pope at the Papal Audience at the Vatican every Wednesday. You may want to collect your ticket for the audience a day before from the Swiss Guards at the Vatican as spots for the audience are limited 
  18. Attend a mass by the Pope on special days like Christmas Eve, Easter or other holy days of the year
  19. Send a postcard to your friends and family with a special stamp of the Vatican from the unique white wagon post office at St. Peter’s Square
  20. Marvel at the famous Pieta by Michaelangelo at the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican 
  21. Visit the church of San Giovanni in Laterno to marvel at some cool relics of the catholic church. Here you will find the wood from the table used for the last supper, heads of saints Peter and Paul and a few others
  22. Walk on one of the most famous ancient roads, Via Appia Antica which was built in 312 B.C
  23. Visit Circo Massimo and imagine what it would be like to attend a show at the ancient Roman circus
  24. Stop and smell the roses at the Rose Gardens on the Aventine Hill during spring in the city
  25. Hike up to Gianicolo Hill for panoramic views of the eternal city
  26. Wander through the typical Italian streets of Trastevere
  27. Visit the square Colosseum in the EUR district of Rome and click your pictures outside the unique monument
  28. Enjoy a picnic at the Orange Gardens (Giardino degli Aranci) on the Aventine Hill with sweeping views of Rome
  29. Grab a beer and enjoy the street performances while sitting on the stairs at Piazza Trulissa every evening
  30. Wander into one of the many churches in the city and admire the architecture 
  31. Taste the local gelato flavors at any gelateria in the city
  32. Visit Il Parco degli Acquadotti for the ruins of the famous Roman Aqueducts that supplied water to all of Rome in the ancient Roman times 
  33. Walk through the morning markets at Campo de ‘Fiori and feel what it is like to be a local in the city 
  34. Watch a movie at the open air cinema at Piazza San Cosimato in Rome during the summer
  35. Take yourself window shopping at Via Del Corso
  36. Taste some of the local products for free in various local stores in the city center around Piazza Navona
  37. Watch a magnificent sunset over the city of Rome from the Capitoline Hill
  38. Take a walk in the city at night and see all the monuments lit up 
  39. Enjoy a beach day at Ostia Lido
  40. Visit the church of St. Peter in Chains and marvel at Michaelangelo’s Moses 
  41. Chase bubbles at Piazza Del Popolo
  42. Picnic by the lake in EUR and enjoy the cherry blossoms if you’re visiting Rome in Spring
  43. Go see the massive all year round nativity scene at the church of Santi Cosma e Damiano in the heart of Rome
  44. Head to the Mercato Centrale in Termini to try free samples of the local Italian food and cheese
  45. Among the cool free things to do in the city is the the famous keyhole of Rome. This keyhole is located on the Aventine Hill with an amazing view of the dome of the Vatican through a tiny keyhole
  46. Go and see the super cool optical illusion at Via Piccolomini
  47. Enjoy a fun day under the Roman Pines at the largest park in the city- Villa Pamphilj
  48. Take a refreshing dip at the Bracciano Lake near Rome 
  49. Go for a run by the Tiber river that runs through the center of Rome
  50. Take a walk through Piazza di Pietra and admire Hadrian’s Temple
  51. Visit Rome’s very own Pyramid of Cestius right outside the Pyramide metro stop on line B (Blue Line) in the city
  52. Pay your respect at the graves of English poets Shelley and Keats at the protestant cemetery just outside the ancient city walls of Rome 
  53. Take a stroll down Piccola Londra (Little London) in the neighborhood of Flaminio
  54. Watch out for the brass cobblestones you can find across the city which serve as a memorial to individual holocaust victims who lived in the city and were taken from their homes
  55. Visit the Saint Catherine Russian Orthodox Church in the city that is almost a thousand years old
  56. Dine by the 2500 year old Servian Wall at Mc Donalds in the central train station of Termini
  57. Attend a secret free church choir concert in the Chiesa di Sant’Agnese in Agone near Piazza Navona
  58. Among the fun free things to do in Rome is a self guided tour of the cool street art in the Ostiense district of Rome

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