23 Best Party Places in Europe for a Fun Summer

Looking to party it up in Europe this summer? Here are 23 of the best party places in Europe to add to your bucketlist. From the biggest party cities in Europe, to the hidden, not so mainstream destinations, this list covers it all. 

Ibiza, Spain

By Nadine from Le Long Weekend

The original party island, Ibiza’s reputation for its exciting nightlife means it’s often the go-to place for birthday celebrations, hens nights, and stag dos. But you don’t need such a reason to visit this exquisite Balearic Island. 

The best places to stay in Ibiza to enjoy the party scene include Ibiza Town, where you’ll find the island’s most famous clubs, and Sant Antoni with its slightly more laid-back feel. Big-name DJs play to large crowds year-round, or you can create your own party by hiring a boat and banging out some beats! 

Spend your days recuperating on the island’s blissful beaches, eating fresh flavours in bohemian bars, or lounging poolside at the chic beach clubs like El Silencio Ibiza. Browse homemade trinkets at the famous Ibiza hippy markets, or get your culture fix by exploring Ibiza’s UNESCO old town. Then watch the sun go down at Platges de Comte as you listen to the resident DJs doing their thing at Sunset Ashram. To truly get a feel for this magical place, it’s best to spend a week or more. But it’s not unusual for revellers to fly in for just the weekend either. Direct flights are available from mainland Europe, or opt for the relaxed route and take the ferry from Spain.

London, England

By Kelly from Girl with the Passport

As the capital of England, London is a vibrant metropolis that is easily one of the best party places in Europe.

So, if you’d like to party like a rockstar in London then head to SOHO. It’s an area in the heart of the city that is renowned for its incredible nightlife.

The scene here is also incredibly diverse. So, you can enjoy over-the-top dance clubs like Club 49 and Freedom Bar, or check out unusual, slightly more intimate places like Garlic & Shots and Ain’t Nothin’ But,

Regardless of where you go though, prices will be a bit steep since this is central London.

Now, if you’re looking for more of a hipster vibe then head to Shoreditch. After all, this is a fun and funky neighborhood in east London that is home to some of the unusual things to do in London.

So, if you’re looking for artisanal cocktails served to you in a hidden speakeasy then this is the place to be.

And if you want to truly embrace the edgy vibe of Shoreditch, try partying at The Hoxton Pony.

But, for a more chill experience, visit either XOYO or Cargo since both have a relaxed feel while allowing you to dance.

Alternatively, you could try Corsica Studios instead. It’s a fun night club with an ever-changing list of special events and live bands who play here regularly.

Just be aware that they typically play dance music and feature reasonably priced drinks that are okay but not great.

Mykonos, Greece

By Dymphe from Dymabroad

One of the best party places in Europe is Mykonos. Mykonos is a Greek island that belongs to the Cyclades islands, like the islands of Santorini, Paros, and Milos. From those other islands, and from the mainland of Greece, you can reach Mykonos by ferry, which is very easy. Also, there is an international airport on the island. 

Mykonos is a beautiful island with lots of picturesque villages and very relaxing and beautiful beaches. One of the best places on the island to visit is Mykonos Town. You can find a lot of typical Greek houses and streets here. Also, there are lots of shops and shopping is one of the best things to do on the island because of this. Another great thing to do in Mykonos Town is visiting the iconic windmills. From there, you have a lovely view of the area known as Little Venice. In this area of the town, you can also find a lot of bars that are great for partying. 

A week is a good amount of time to spend in Mykonos. This allows you to experience the highlights and enjoy various aspects of the island’s nightlife. Also, you can visit some of the beaches on the island during this week.

Prague, Czech Republic

By Jessica from uprootedtraveler.com

Prague, located in the central part of the Czech Republic, is one of the best party places in Europe for people from all over the globe. Due to its affordable prices and thriving nightlife scene, it’s a favorite amongst backpackers and bachelor parties alike, with options to paint the town red around the clock. Looking for a unique but chill way to have fun during the day? Book a session at a Prague beer spa, where you and your friends will take a therapeutic bath in beer (or at least, its ingredients) in your own private cave-like suite- all while having unlimited beer on tap. 

Afterwards, mix a bit of sightseeing with some fun and book a river cruise along the Vltava River- as you learn about the history of this amazing city and its historic buildings and bridges (many which date back to the 10th century!), you can pregame for a night out on the town, with an affordable pint of beer or glass of wine offered up on almost every cruise company. 

Prague’s nightlife, though, is where it really shines- with fun places to have beer with friends, like The Pub (where you pour your own beer and see how your table’s drinking stacks up with your neighbors’ on a public leaderboard) to chaotic dance clubs, like Chapeau Rouge, it’s just the kind of place to see where the night takes you- so long as there’s a cheap doner kebab place nearby at the end of it! While Prague has an incredible party scene, there’s so much more than that, with fascinating history, quirky museums (like The Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets), and delicious food- so be sure to stay at least three to five days and spend a solid amount of time exploring more than just bars and nightclubs- you won’t be disappointed!

Berlin, Germany

By Ali from Berlin Travel Tips

Berlin is arguably the biggest party places in Europe. Known for its epic club scene and rowdy New Year’s Eve celebrations, this is definitely the city to visit if you’re looking for a good time. 

If you visit Berlin at New Year’s, you’ll have your pick of parties. The biggest party in the city is at Brandenburg Gate where musical performances and other entertainment goes on for hours, filling the space to th west of Brandenburg Gate. It’s best compared with Times Square in NYC on New Year’s Eve. Aside from this party, lots of bars and clubs throughout the city have their own events and celebrations. And no matter where you are, watch out. Locals love to set off their own fireworks, and it can get really loud and even a bit dangerous. 

Any time of year, Berlin’s club scene is like no other. From typical techno dance clubs to clubs that require you to check most of your clothing (except underwear) at the door, there’s really something for everyone. Berghain is probably the most famous club in the world, but there are tons of others to choose from. But this is Berlin, so don’t show up in high heels. Most clubs will turn you away if you’re too dressed up.

It’s best to have at least 3 days in Berlin to do the normal sightseeing and enjoy the nightlife. A street art tour will show you some of the city’s best street art and graffiti in places many tourists don’t make it to. You should also check out the TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, East Side Gallery, Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial, Charlottenburg Palace, and Tempelhof Park. These are just a few of the main attractions.  

Budapest, Hungary

By Krisztina from shewandersabroad.com

Budapest has become well known in recent years as one of the best party places in Europe. Located in Hungary, Budapest is packed with nightlife options, ranging from world-famous nightclubs to more traditional bars and pubs.

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or just enjoy a few drinks with friends, Budapest has something for everyone.

There are a few things that make Budapest such a great party city. First, there is a huge range of nightlife options to suit every taste. If you want to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, Districts 5, 6, and 7 are some of the best places to stay in Budapest for nightlife.

Secondly, the city is relatively cheap compared to other European capitals, meaning you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Cheap flight tickets and accommodation options make it an affordable destination for a weekend away.

Finally, the people of Budapest are known for being friendly and welcoming, so you’re sure to have a great time even if you’re traveling solo. 

Budapest has also a lot more to offer than bars and clubs. The city is filled with culture, history, and beautiful architecture. If you need a break from the party scene, there are plenty of daytime activities to keep you occupied.

You can soak in the warm thermal waters at Szechenyi Baths, explore one of the many museums, or walk across one of Budapest’s iconic bridges.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Budapest is one of the most popular party destinations in Europe. So if you’re looking for a fun-filled city break, add Budapest to the top of your list.


By Kenny from knycxjourneying.com

Barcelona is a popular destination for international travelers because of its art, history, beautiful natural sceneries, and the happening night life the city has to offer. The history is famous for its wonderful architectural collection of Antonio Gaudi, one of the most important modern architects in the world, including Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, and more. Besides, it’s a great place to enjoy a show in the theatre, like the Flamenco dance performance at the Poble Espanyol.   

To enjoy some sun during summer, the Barcelona coastline stretches for four and a half kilometers, and this is where all the party actions are taken. The coast has a wide variety of excellent beaches such as Mar Bella, Nova Icaria, and Bogatell. There are a number of international hotel chains and clubs along the waterfront where day and night meet happiness.  

Venturing into the city,  head to La Rambla, a busy street in central Barcelona, as it never sleeps, go club dancing, go bar hopping, or sample a grand array of tapas and paella. Furthermore,  Joaquim Costa is full of hip venues for party-goers to explore.  

To go a little bit more private, Barcelona has a number of Airbnb or house rentals available with a balcony and beautiful views for visitors to enjoy more intimate moments in a more secluded environment.  

It is recommended to spend from 4 days to a week to truly experience the different sides Barcelona has to offer. It is a dynamic modern city that has something fun and exciting for any type of traveler.  

Amsterdam, Netherlands

By Zoe from Together In Transit

For one of the best party places in Europe, one should research into Amsterdam as your next destination. As the capital of the Netherlands, it’s a popular city to visit all year round. The city has everything you need for an amazing destination, from unlimited restaurants, cute activities and all the shops for spending your money in.  

Spend your day time enjoying the city life, eating some Dutch snacks and exploring some museums. But don’t use all your energy, as Amsterdam is a fun party city and there are numerous events to have a good time for the evenings. All year round there are music gigs, bigger concerts and small parties throughout the city. There are some fantastic activities for groups too, such as cocktail classes, bar hopping, ‘pizza&drink’ boat tours and local photoshoots. You can also sign up for some glow in the dark golf if you’d find that fun too.  

For after all the partying, you of course need some of the best food. For one of the cookies in the world, stop off at Van Stapele Koekmakerij during the day to have your mind blown. Then for an evening, book a table at one of the best Italian restaurants called Casa di David.  For recommended time to visit, a few days is best to enjoy Amsterdam the most. But there is also so much to see and do so it truly depends on what you wish to see. Most of the best local parties are on Friday or Saturday nights, so keep that in mind and for bigger parties you need to book tickets in advance. 

Madrid, Spain

By Victoria from guideyourtravel.com

Spain’s capital Madrid is undoubtedly one of the best party places in Europe. In the charm of the old town, you will find many pubs and bars door to door, which are perfect for pre-drinks. There are also many bars where you can learn how to dance and lots of clubs that open their doors later at night. The area with bars, pubs and clubs is divided into different neighbourhoods depending on your budget and needs. 

The best way to start your night is by taking the metro to Sol, the central plaza in the city, from where you can reach most other nightlife neighbourhoods by foot. If you want to meet people while staying in town, you should join a guided pub crawl through some of the best bars. The pub crawl costs around 30 € and includes drinks in some of the bars, discounts and free entry to a club at the end, which alone is worth joining since the entrance fees can be quite expensive and queues are long after midnight. Since Madrid is the capital of Spain, it is not as cheap as other places in the country, but it is still possible to visit Madrid on a budget


By Jiayi from The Diary of a Nomad

Rome is one of the best party places in Europe and has plenty of nightlife to offer. Spend 3 to 4 days there admiring ancient monuments and world-famous wonders, and the evenings in bars and clubs just a few feet from them. How cool is that?

To party and enjoy nightlife where the locals do, head to San Lorenzo, one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Rome to get away from the tourist crowds. This authentic area is popular among Rome’s local students and has a very vibrant bar scene. In fact, you can find everything from hipster bars to elegant lounge bars.

For the best clubs in town, don’t miss Live Alcazar in Trastevere for great live music, and Shari Vari Playhouse in Navona to dance the night away. In the latter place, you can also enjoy aperitivo (an Italian pre-meal drink) and dinner.

Rest up during the day by taking a stroll among ancient world wonders such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Castel Sant’Angelo. Don’t miss Testaccio for the best foodie scene in Rome, and Campo de’ Fiori in the evenings for some drinks and pre-meal appetizers in a vibrant atmosphere!

Of course, no trip to Rome would be complete without tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain (no matter how touristy it is, it’s worth it!), and visiting the Vatican Museums to see the spectacular Sistine Chapel. Don’t miss out on the bird’s-eye view of Rome from the St. Peter’s Basilica dome!

Dublin, Ireland

By Nicola from allaboutrosalilla.com

The Irish sure know how to throw a party which is why Dublin is fast becoming one of the best party places in Europe. If you are looking for a great party, Ireland’s capital will give you one of the night’s of your life. Whether you are only staying one or two days in Dublin, or have longer to explore, once the sun goes down the atmosphere in the city changes and you will get to experience that world famous Irish craic (fun).

Dublin is a great place to party. From LGBTQ+ venues to massive nightclubs with big-name DJs, a night on the tiles in Dublin will be one to remember. The first place to soak up that party atmosphere is in Temple Bar. A bustling, lively and vibrant area of the city, Temple Bar offers everything you need for a fantastic night. If lively bars, live music and fantastic restaurants are what you’re looking for, head straight to Temple Bar. Just be prepared to pay tourist prices for a drink! It is worth checking out the Vintage Cocktail Club, a hidden speakeasy full of 1920’s glamour.

Dublin is the birthplace of Guinness so your trip will not be complete without having a pint of the black stuff in the Gravity Bar in the place where Guinness is brewed, the Guinness Storehouse. If you are looking for a really fun night out The George Bar is one of Dublin’s best clubs, and a firm favourite in the city’s LGBTQ+ scene. If you’re searching for somewhere to dance ’til dawn and take your music seriously then live music venue Whelan’s is the place for you. With a vibrant club space below and a snug to get cosy in The Grand Social on Liffey Street is the perfect place to party.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

By Lisa from Waves and Cobblestones

Monte Carlo, located in the Principality of Monaco, is one of the most glamorous and famous cities of the French Riviera.  Monte Carlo brings to mind visions of royalty, celebrities, fabulous cars, and beautiful Mediterranean beaches. It is one of the most elite places to party in Europe and should definitely be on your bucketlist. 

Plan to spend a day or two in Monte Carlo to hit all the highlights.  The closest airport is the Nice Côte d’Azur airport, and it is a quick thirty-minute train ride from Nice to Monte Carlo.  Soak up the sun on Larvotto Beach or check out the haute couture at Monte Carlo’s high-end boutiques.

Be sure to take some time to explore Monaco’s old town.   See the beautiful Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the interesting architecture of the Palais de Justice, or take a tour of Le Palais des Princes de Monaco (the Prince’s Palace).  From the top of the hill, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of Monaco, the harbor, and the coastlines of the French Riviera.

At night, you can party like the rich and famous – with the rich and famous!  Take your pick from bustling nightclubs with the world’s best DJs, beachfront bars, or even party on a mega-yacht in the harbor.  Channel your inner movie star and visit the opulent Casino de Monte-Carlo — enjoy a cocktail and try your luck with a game of chance.  Note that proper attire is required, so break out the bling and dress to impress.

Florence, Italy

By Elena from The Carry-On Chronicles

If partying after dark is on your travel agenda, you can’t miss the wonderful city of Florence at night. With a rich music culture, lively bar scene, and bustling nightlife, it’s no wonder that Tuscany’s capital is among the best party places in Europe. To relax and kick back with a refreshing cocktail, you may wish to join one of the city’s many bar-hopping tours or pub crawls. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with other travelers and absorb Florence’s fun nightlife scene. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to sip a drink while enjoying live music, head to the Florence Jazz Club for a great atmosphere.

In addition to a popping bar and nightclub scene, Florence has plenty of outdoor activities for nature-loving night owls as well. For instance, there’s nothing quite like watching the skyline twinkle with brilliant lights on a relaxing sunset cruise across the Arno River. For more action, you may even wish to join a night Segway tour, a fantastic way to cover some of the city’s most famous sites without the daytime crowds. In addition, if you’re traveling to Florence in the summer, don’t miss the chance to catch “Cinema Under the Stars.” This outdoor film night is a special way to enjoy a memorable cinematic experience under Florence’s starlit sky.

While Florence is relatively small and can be enjoyed in a single day and evening, you could easily spend several days or more uncovering all the gems of this fascinating and historic city.


By Moumita & Sankha from Chasing the Long Road

Malta is famous for stunning pristine beaches, warm Mediterranean climate, historic towns, delicious regional delicacies and its amazing vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of fun and awesome things to do in Malta to make you fall in love with this island country. If you want to visit somewhere to party and have a good time, you should add this small island country to your travel itinerary. With many budget airlines, Malta is easily reachable from other cities in Europe making it one of the best party places in Europe for those on budget.

Head towards Paceville at St. Julian’s – the heart of Malta’s party scene. There you will find several popular nightclubs, restaurants, pubs and bars.

Groove at live music or dance the night out. Also, the capital city Valletta has some great concert venues and traditional pubs dotted around the city. In summer, you can join boat parties and several open-air clubs around the island.

Wander around the winding streets of Valletta – a UNESCO World Heritage site. A visit to St John’s Co-Cathedral is an absolute must in the city. Afterwards, admire the breathtaking panoramic view of the picturesque Grand Harbour and the Three Cities of Malta from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Take a day trip to explore the atmospheric walled city of Mdina, known as the silent city and the neighbouring historic town Rabat.

Blue Lagoon on Comino Island or the Golden Sand Bay on the mainland is a must-visit for beach lovers. Both the beaches are fantastic spots for swimming and sunbathing. Also, the clear blue water is perfect for snorkelling, kayaking and other water-based sports. We would recommend spending at least four days on this beautiful island.

Albufeira, Portugal

By Linn Haglund of Amused by Algarve

One of the best party places in Europe is the quaint town of Albufeira in southern Portugal. In the high season, during the summer months, the “party strip” in Albufeira is jam-packed with travelers taking advantage of the pumping nightlife. 

During the day, there are plenty of fun activities to do in Albufeira, like parasailing, quad biking, surfing, or exploring the coastline by paddleboarding or kayak. Take a sunset cruise and enjoy a barbeque on a secluded beach only reached by boat or go dolphin watching. Another entertaining activity to do is to learn how to surf and if you haven’t tried it yet, the Algarve is a great place to do so! If you prefer chilling at the beach and working on your tan, Albufeira has some amazing beaches within walking distance from the enchanting old town where you find a multitude of shops, bars, and restaurants to try local and international cuisine. 

One of the best places to stay is the Casa dos Arcos – Charm Guesthouse, situated in the old town it is truly an enchanting place where you can cook your own food on the days you do not want to go out to find a place to eat.

Marbella, Spain

By Cristina from My Little World of Travelling 

Marbella, located 45 minutes drive from Malaga airport, is one of the best places to visit and party in the Costa del Sol. It is definitely one of the hidden party places in Europe. 

It’s the perfect destination for a summer getaway – beautiful sandy beaches, plenty of fun events and a lively atmosphere.

Marbella offers activities for all types of travellers, so you will always find something for you.

One of the unmissable things to do in Marbella is visiting the Old Town. Enjoy some tapas and drinks with friends at Los Naranjos Square, wander around the beautiful whitewashed streets home to independent shops, and see Marbella’s Castle ruins.

For a taste of luxury, make sure to head to Puerto Banus. The port has many exclusive shops as well as restaurants and bars. 

However, if you are after a great party atmosphere, you need to go to Nikki Beach Marbella. Cocktails, swimming pool parties, the best hits and lots of fun.

Despite Marbella not being as big as other European destinations, you definitely want to stay longer than three days. You can easily spend a week or more in Marbella if you just want to have fun but take it easy.

If you also want to sightsee, there are plenty of beautiful towns to visit near Marbella, but one of the most popular day trips is Gibraltar.

Bucharest, Romania

By Nicola from allaboutrosalilla.com

Bucharest has a bit of a reputation for being a party city and I certainly experienced the festive spirit of Bucharest on a recent trip travelling from Bucharest to Transylvania. Romania’s capital has come a long way since the dark days of communism and they are undeniably making up for lost time. Since joining the EU in 2007, a new Romania has emerged from the shadows, and one that knows how to party.

From lively beer gardens, cool rooftop bars, nightclubs bursting at the seams and crowds spilling out onto the city’s streets and terraces, you can find just about any kind of night entertainment you want in Bucharest these days. Look past the seemingly seedy aspect of semi-clad girls dancing provocatively in the windows luring you in and you will find one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe. Everywhere you go, the atmosphere is lively and entertaining, so once you find the right spot for your taste, you can have a lot of fun.

Despite its reputation, Bucharest is a safe place to party, with everyone just wanting to enjoy the fun. It is one of my favourite places in Europe for nightlife. Enjoy the secret garden at Nomad Sky Bar or soak in the rooftop views of old town Bucharest while sipping on a cocktail in Linea/Closer to the moon.The nightclub scene in Bucharest is epic but nearly all of the best nightclubs can be found in the city’s suburbs. Worth mentioning are Beat of Angels, Face Club and Control Club. Fresh bars and clubs are popping everywhere these days and Bucharest is becoming a magnet for those loving a good party.

Las Americas – Tenerife, Spain

By Alejandra from Tenerife-is  

If you want to hang out at a beach party at any time of year – go to Tenerife. Although this island has no reputation as a party island like Ibiza, there are plenty of fun parties and nightclubs to have a good time. 
The advantage of Tenerife over Ibiza is that in Ibiza, the tourist season is only in summer, while in Tenerife, it’s all year round. 

The biggest party in Tenerife is its carnival. Tenerife hosts the second largest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro. Carnival is the big party in Tenerife, and there are various events throughout the month – the Queen’s Election Gala, the daytime carnival, and the sardine burial. The daytime events are followed by nighttime parties, when the whole island dances. 

Carnival takes place in February every year. During the rest of the year, go to Las Americas for the parties and wild nightlife. 

Las Americas in Tenerife is the most active and partying resort in the Canary Islands. 

You can combine a beach holiday with a vibrant evening and nightlife. Opportunities to rock and party are plentiful here. At night the center of Las Americas is literally drowned in the lights of neon advertisements, quite reminiscent of Pattaya or Las Vegas. The fun in the most popular bars and nightclubs usually ends only in the morning. 

The center of partying in Las Americas is around the famous Sol Tenerife hotel. This is where most of the entertainment facilities are concentrated.
However, do not think that the entire resort in the evening goes dancing. The nightlife tends to stop on the east side of Las Americas by midnight, so this is a great place to pick a hotel if you want to get some sleep at night instead of partying. 

The famous nightlife district is Las Veronicas. A perfectly ordinary street by day lights up a sea of lights at night with its two-story gallery of bars of all sorts. Within a kilometer of the neighborhood, you’re swarmed by promoters inviting you to a particular bar for free tequila. You’ll find discos with house music and quirky pubs with rock music. The signs sting the eyes, and inside each bar is its own party where you can celebrate life.  

Hvar Island

By PlacesofJuma

Hvar Island is a travel highlight in Croatia and a real insider tip as it is one of the best hidden party places in Europe! Often referred to as the St. Tropez of Croatia, Hvar has become a real scene and party island. On a party vacation you can expect not only a unique flair, countless dream beaches, romantic coastal towns, but also a wide range of possibilities to turn night into day. The lively nightlife is unforgettable and simply made for partying all night long.

Hvar is located in Dalmatia and thanks to its central position it is easy to reach by ferry from Split or from the neighboring islands! The best nightlife on the island can be found in the historic old town of Hvar, which enchants with its Dalmatian stone houses, romantic cobblestone streets and of course many bars, restaurants and clubs. Really cool are also the many beach clubs around the city, which invite you to party with delicious cocktails and lounges already from the afternoon.

If you need a break from partying, you should also explore the rest of the island of Hvar. Here small fishing villages attract and also the beautiful landscapes are fantastic! A real highlight, however, are the countless dream beaches that invite you to spend unforgettable summer days by the sea.  

If you like to drink wine, you should definitely taste the regional wines. On the island you can find numerous wineries that offer tastings with snacks. Ideal to toast a successful party vacation.

Zante, Greece

By Kerry Hanson from VeggTravel

Zakynthos (known better as Zante to partygoers) is a stunning mountainous island with the Ionian Sea. But why is Zante one of the best party places in Europe? Well, if you’re looking for a place with endless nightlife options and stunningly beautiful scenery, then you’ve come to the right place! With world-renowned restaurants, lively bars and buzzing nightclubs – there’s something for everyone on Zakynthos. 

Whether you want to enjoy a decadent feast at one of the island’s Michelin starred restaurants or dance all night at one of the island’s throbbing discos – there are plenty of ways to let loose on Zakynthos. To be close to the action you’ll want to stay in Laganas which houses a lively strip that is buzzing with revellers. From superclubs to shisha bars, there is something for everyone. 

But it isn’t just about nightclubs, there are also many things to do in Zakynthos too. Take a day trip to the white cliffs, blue caves and white beach of the famous shipwreck island in Navagio. Alternatively, visit Dafni beach or snorkel near Comino island in the hope of coming across the resident sea turtles that return to the island every year. 

Most people will do a week in Zante, especially if you’re partying hard. However, if you want to see the island and spend some time relaxing 10 days will be perfect. 

Riga, Latvia

By Annick from The Common Traveler

Looking for one of the best party places in Europe that is also beautiful and historical? Then add Riga, Latvia to your list! The city lends itself to getting around easily by walking or public transportation, which makes it convenient for partiers. Due to lower alcohol pricing than its neighbors, people from Finland and other Baltic and European countries come to party in Riga. 

If you like partying in historical surroundings, then Old Town Riga is the perfect spot. With seemingly a bar at every corner, you’ll find all types of options. Choose a traditional Irish pub, an American sports bar, or anything in between while wandering along cobblestone streets. Budget options (I saw a sign of 50 shots for 25 Euros), as well as fancier cocktails made with local Riga Balsam, can be found almost next to each other. Old Town Riga is over 800 years old, so talk about a historical party city!

During the day, take a walking tour of the art deco buildings or the beautiful historic sights. Or visit Riga’s Central Market, the largest market in Europe. Stayed out too late and made your partner angry? Stop by the 24-hour flower market on the way back to your accommodations to ask for forgiveness. 

And don’t forget to bring the best souvenirs from Latvia home with you to remember what a great time you had partying in Riga!

Ios, Greece

By Claire from Claire Pins Travel

If you are looking to experience a beautiful Greek island with a vibrant nightlife scene that is also home to idyllic beaches with clear blue waters, and hillsides featuring small churches and traditional white windmills, why not stop by the island of Ios. This charming island is located in the Cyclades island group between Naxos and Santorini in the Aegean sea. It can be reached by ferry from Santorini, Rafina, and the port of Piraeus near Athens. Many travellers enjoy spending five days to one week on Ios for a relaxing visit, before moving on to another island. The summer time is peak season for ‘island hopping’ and this popular activity is definitely a fun travel experience to have in your twenties

This island is popular with younger travellers and budget backpackers and the party scene is concentrated around Mylopotas Beach between mid-June to late August. This area offers a number of beach clubs, pool parties with DJs, and water sports, including SCUBA diving, kayaking, windsurfing, or jet ski rental. For a break from the excitement, try the quieter beach of Manganari. When the sun sets, head into the main village of Chora to party the night away in one of the many bars in town. Other attractions on the island include the Byzantine castle of Paleokastro, an archaeological site at Skarkos, the burial site of the historic poet Homer or you could check out a locally run honey or cheese producer.

Valencia, Spain

By Laura from travelersuniverse.com

Photo by Jonny James on Unsplash

Situated on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Valencia is a city that has been receiving increasing attention in the past years. Often referred to as Barcelona’s little sister due to a certain architectural similarity, Valencia also has its own personality and appeal.

First off, the City of Arts and Sciences is a unique complex of futuristic buildings unlike anything you’ve ever seen and a stroll can easily end up with cocktails at Mya, the chic dance club nearby.

On the other hand, the old El Carmen neighborhood is famed for having some of the best clubs in Valencia while other less central neighborhoods are also jam-packed with bars and late-night beach clubs. On top of that, boat parties and open-air concerts have been gaining popularity, especially during the summer months.

Valencia is the city where paella originated and eating and drinking out is an important part of the local culture. To experience it all, I recommend you spend anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Last but not least, Valencia is home to the Las Fallas festival, dubbed the ‘mother of all parties’ and the ‘largest street party in Europe’. If you visit in March when the festival is organized you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

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