Bulgaria, A Cultural Melting Pot in the Balkans

Well, I promised you a blog post on Bulgaria, so here it is! But let me warn you, I feel like my trip to Bulgaria wasn’t what it could have been. I started doing some research on the country before writing this post, and I have to say, that this country completely intrigues me with it’s folklore. I’m already looking for my flights to go back and visit the country properly and explore more of the countryside. But for now, since I promised you a post on the country, here goes! 

I flew in to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria with Wizz Air, one of the low cost airlines here in Europe. You should definitely check them out if you’re looking for great flight deals. There I met up with a friend of mine and we drove from Sofia to Sozopol and then eventually made our way down to Varna, before heading back to Sofia to get our flight back home. 


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the city reflects 2000 years of history including traces of Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupation. Through the city, you will see remains of these diverse cultures and in my opinion, that it what gives this city it’s charm. 
Where to stay: We chose a little Airbnb in the city center so we could walk around the major tourist attractions instead of getting public transportation or cabs. You can search for your perfect holiday rental for Sofia here
What to see: We did a free walking t our of the city and the lovely guide showed us all the main spots and told us all about the diverse history of the country and what it looked like during the rule of the different dynasties. You can book your free tour of Sofia here

These were some of the main highlights from the tour: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Banya Banshi Mosque, Russian Church, Largo Square Ruins


Sozopol is an ancient seaside town on the Black Sea coastline and is the perfect town to stop in if you would love some scenic views of the coastline and want to visit the fairy-tale castle popularly known as The Castle in Love with the Wind. 
Where to stay: In Sozopol, we stayed at Casa Del Mare which was right by the black sea and offered gorgeous views from the balcony. 
What to see: Castle Ravadinovo, Pretty views of the Black Sea Coastline


Another port city on the Black sea coast, Varna is one of the biggest cities on the coast and also has an airport you can fly into. Head here if you’re looking to relax in beach bars and chill in the sea garden. The city has a very chilled out vibe and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. 

Where to stay: We picked another cute airbnb in Varna to stay in. You can book yours here.
What to see: Aladzaha Monastery, Sea Garden, Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral

Local Food to try:


One of the most popular pastry items in Bulgaria, Banitsa is a must try for food lovers. The traditional version of the pastry is made with a filling of cheese, eggs and yoghurt. Other variations with spinach or pumpkin can also be found around Sofia 


This eggplant or potato based dish often cooked with ground meat is popular in the Balkans and Middle Eastern cuisine with every region adding a local spin to the dish

Shopska Salad

This cold Bulgarian salad is another popular dish found in the Balkans and Central Europe and is generally made from tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, sirene and parsley

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