5 Brilliant Travel Destinations in Europe On a Budget

You might think that Europe is an expensive place to travel, but there are plenty of beautiful destinations you can visit while on a budget. From castles to beaches, from historical landmarks to unique cultures and delicious food, there are many places in Europe that you should discover. 

With a little planning, you can save money on your destinations, and have a fantastic experience. Travel like a jackpot winner, and see unique and wonderful places, without going over budget.

Below, we have given you a few ideas. We encourage you to research the areas that interest you. This will help you decide the perfect time to go and arrange any discounts in advance.


Photo credit: Kamil Gliwiński

Bulgaria is an exceptional choice for those looking to enjoy European travel on a budget. The country has soul-stirring mountains, golden beaches, a beguiling mix of history and culture, and unforgettable adventures.

Bulgaria is positioned perfectly for the traveler who might want to add to their adventure. Look at your map and you will see thatthe country borders with Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. 

When planning your trip, keep the following tips in mind:

Stay with a local – Couchsurfing hosts are an excellent way to save money while visiting Bulgaria and can also provide helpful insider information about the area you’re staying in.

Take free walking tours – Many cities offer free walking tours to help you get to know the city and its culture.

Bulgaria is also a great country for hiking and skiing. The mountains are magnificent, and hut-to-hut options are available for a fraction of the price you’d pay in the Alps.


Poland sits between the Baltic Sea and the Tatra Mountains and has much to offer. From a fascinating combination of post-Communist and modern architecture to some fantastic museums and castles, 

Among Poland’s incredible and historical locations are the following:

  • Wawel Cathedral with the famous, 13 ton Sigismund Bell (Krakow)
  • The Royal Tombs: 13 Polish Kings are laid to rest here
  • The largest market square in medieval Europe (Krakow)
  • Wieliczka Salt Mines: The nine floor mine is believed to be a product of nature that happened 15 million years ago. 


Hungary is an incredibly unique, historical, and fun place to visit while on a budget. The country offers a variety of activities that everyone will enjoy, from exploring castles to soaking in thermal springs.

Budapest is a very walkable city with plenty of things to do, which means you can easily cover most of the main sites in just a few days. This also helps keep your transportation costs down, as cabs can be expensive here.

Here are just a few of the many favorite places of travelers to Hungary:

  • The Hungarian Parliament Building
    • Opened in 1902, The seat of the National Assembly of Hungary
  • Buda Castle
    • Buda Castle was completed in 1265. The castle was expanded in 1749 and 1769. Buda Cast;e was the palace of the Hungarian Kings of Budapest. Today the castle is a museum and home of the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest Historical Museum.
  • The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath
    • The most large-scale medicinal bath in Budapest. Two thermal springs supply the water.

There are many more sites to see and experience in this magnificent country. 


Slovakia is a wonderful place to visit. It is a land of amazing landscapes, unique castles and distinct culture. This small country offers a lot, from mountain hiking trails and stunning rock towers to beautiful old churches and monasteries.

Slovakia is one of those rare countries that has a whole load of fun things to do and incredible places to see. Its wide-open spaces and imposing mountains make it a great destination for adventurers, while its charming cities and romantic castles are perfect for those looking to relax and unwind. Here are two favorites.


Known as the capital of Slovakia, this city is a fusion of medieval and modern buildings that tell the story of its rich history. Its pedestrian Old Town and a Renaissance castle are great places to explore on foot, and the surrounding countryside is a fantastic place for hiking or enjoying a picnic.

Slovak Karst National Park

The Slovak Karst National Park is one of the most stunning areas in the country, with its awe-inspiring limestone cliffs and rocky plateaus. Its caves are also a major draw, with the UNESCO-listed Demanovska Cave of Liberty being a particularly special place to explore.


Estonia is a unique, historical, and fun place to visit while on a budget. Beautiful Estonia is a unique blend of medieval & modern culture. 

The capital city of Tallinn is a cultural melting pot with plenty to do. It is most famous for Toompea. Toompea is from the 15th century. It has managed to keep the 15th century establishments and its ancient ambience. 

While you are there, you will want to see The Lahemaa National Park, Narva Castle, and Saaremaa. 

Europe is a vast and beautiful place. As you can see, there are many places rich in culture, history, and modern cities that you can visit on a budget. Grab your smartphone and check out more affordable and life-changing destinations that await you.