Bagni San Filippo: Hidden Hot Springs in Tuscany

Yes, Saturnia Hot Springs are all over Instagram. And yes, they are as beautiful and picturesque in real life as they are in every one of those pictures. And I absolutely recommend visiting them once in your life. But if you want to avoid all those Instagram led crowds and get some peace and quiet on your spa day, these hidden hot springs in Tuscany – Bagni San Filippo is where you should head to on your next trip to Italy. 

About Bagni San Filippo, the Hidden Hot Springs in Tuscany:

Thermal Pools of Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany

Bagni San Filippo is a small hot spring in Tuscany in Castiglione d’Orcia in the Province of Siena which is absolutely free to use for the public. The water of this Tuscan hot spring is rich in calcium carbonate whose deposits form magnificent white concentrate structures, tiny waterfalls and warm water pools along the flow of the stream. The hot spring is surrounded by woods on one side and makes it the perfect spot amidst nature to relax and enjoy a beautiful spa day. 

Getting to Bagni San Filippo

From Florence: 

There is a direct bus from Florence that goes to the town of Bagni San Filippo twice a week, costs between 9-12 euro and takes about 2 hours 15 minutes to reach. You could also take the train from Florence to Buonconvento (8-18 euro and almost 2 hours) and then get the bus from Buonconvento to Bagni San Filippo. Check timetables here. Or you could just rent a car and drive it down as it takes less than 2 hours to get there.

From Rome:

The best way to get here obviously would be by driving as it is only a two hour journey by road. Click here for route details. 

If driving is not an option, you could get any of the regional or intercity trains running from Rome to Florence and getting off at the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme station. These trains run regularly throughout the day and cost somewhere between 10 to 21 euro, depending on whether you’re booking in advance or last minute, or if it is an intercity or a regional fast train. You can check for the trains between Rome to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme stations here

From Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, you could hail a taxi directly to these hot springs which would cost somewhere between 50 to 75 euro for the 40 minute ride. 

What we did instead of getting the taxi was staying in Montepulciano the night before. The next morning at 7 am bus from Montepulciano to Bagni San Filippo and the last bus back to Montepulciano at around 13:30. Hereyou can find the updated schedule of the buses on this route. 

For more details on visiting Montepulciano on a budget click here.

What to expect when you get to Bagni San Filippo?

Thermal Pools at Bagni San Filippo, Italy

As soon as you get into the little town named after these Tuscan hot springs, you will see a path heading downwards towards the woods with a sign reading ‘Fosso Bianco’. That’s where you should head to in order to reach this gorgeous hot spring. It is surrounded by woods, making the setting just calming and picture perfect.

What you should do though is get there early and walk along the flow of the stream downwards until you get to the pools. The first few are not very deep, hence the water tends to cool down faster. Instead you want to follow along the path by the pools till you reach the big calcium concentrate formation nicknamed the White Whale. Here the water of the hot spring merges with the water of the spring, creating a gorgeous shade of blue. 

I suggest to keep moving on till the Fosso Bianco, which is another enormous white calcium concentrate formation. The Fosso Bianco releases warm water into the countless natural pools formed around it. The water from here is also used in the swimming pool of the Spa Hotel nearby. You can choose one of them to relax in for the rest of the day. 

The calcium also deposits itself on the floor of these pools, and makes the best mud face and body mask. So feel free to scrape some off the bottom of your pool and apply it on your skin to dry. WONDERING WHERE TO STAY IN BAGNI SAN FILIPPO? CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR OPTIONS

Additional Information:

  • There is a little town by the same name right next to these natural hot springs. The town has a bar and a couple of restaurants and pizzerias, so if you forget to pack a lunch, or need some coffee or a snack, don’t worry about it at all
  • There is paid parking easily available at the entrance of the city, right next to the path leading to the Fosso Bianco
  • There is also a hotel with a thermal pool in the town which is easily accessible by buying a day pass. In case you would like a more details on the formal establishment click here

Top reasons to visit these hot springs in Tuscany:

  • These gorgeous Tuscan hot springs are absolutely free to use for public
  • They are not as well known as the Saturnia hot springs, so the area does not get overcrowded 
  • There is a huge park around it if you would like to go on hikes
  • The views on the way to these thermal baths is phenomenal as the town is in the heart of the Tuscan countryside

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